The specification or mention, in a written instrument, of the time (day, month and year) when it was made (executed). Also the time so specified. In its common and accepted statutory meaning refers simply to day, month and year. Anderson v. State Personnel Bd., 103 C.A.3d 242, 162 Cal.Rptr. 865, 868.
The word is derived from the Latin word "datum" meaning given and is defined as the time given or specified-in some way ascertained and fixed. The time when an instrument was made, acknowledged, delivered or recorded; the clause or memorandum which specifies that fact; and the time from which its operation is to be reckoned.
That part of a deed or writing which expresses the day of the month and year in which it was made or given.
The primary signification of date is not time in the abstract, nor time taken absolutely, but time given or specified; time in some way ascertained and fixed. When we speak of the date of a deed, date of issue of a bond or date of a policy, we do not mean the time when it was actually executed, but the time of its execution as given or stated in the deed itself. The date of an item, or of a charge in a book-account, is not necessarily the time when the article charged was, in fact, furnished, but rather the time given or set down in the account, in connection with such charge. And so the expression "the date of the last work done, or materials furnished," in a mechanic's lien law, may be taken, in the absence of anything in the act indicating a different intention, to mean the time when such work was done or materials furnished, as specified in the plaintiffs written claim. The precise meaning of date, however, depends upon context, since there are numerous instances when it means actual as distinguished from conventional time.
See also antedate
@ date certaine
/dat serteyn/ In French law, a deed is said to be a date certaine (fixed date) when it has been subjected to the formality of registration. After this formality has been complied with, the parties to the deed cannot by mutual consent change the date thereof
@ date of bankruptcy
Under Bankruptcy law, time at which court declares a person a bankrupt. Usually coincides with date of filing in case of voluntary petition.
See Bankruptcy Code No. 301.
See also date of cleavage
@ date of cleavage
The date of filing voluntary petition of bankruptcy and hence the cut-off date as to dischargeability of debts in bankruptcy. Only those debts, with some exceptions, which exist at this time are dischargeable in bankruptcy
@ date of injury
Means inception date of the injury and is regarded as coincident with date of occurrence or happening of accident which caused such injury. Indemnity Ins. Co. of North America v. Williams, 129 Tex. 51, 99 S.W.2d 905, 907
@ date of issue
When applied to notes, bonds, etc., of series, usually means an arbitrary date fixed as beginning of term for which they run, without reference to precise time when convenience or state of market may permit their sale or delivery; date which bonds and stocks bear, and not date when they were actually issued in sense of being signed and delivered and put into circulation. Whetstone v. City of Stuttgart, 193 Ark. 88, 97 S.W.2d 641, 643. The words in life insurance policy have been held not to mean the date of actual execution or the delivery date, but the date set forth in the policy itself. Potts v. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., 133 Pa.Super. 397, 2 A.2d 870, 872
@ date of maturity
Day on which a debt falls due as in the case of a promissory note, bond or other evidence of indebtedness
@ date of record
Date on which stockholder must have owned shares of stock to be entitled to dividend.
See also ex dividend

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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